Summer is Wrapping Up!

Summer is wrapping up here on the farm.  The heat is on!  We just sold 11 ewe lambs that are at their new home in Tulsa, OK.

We are waiting for September to make our final cutting of hay.  We have one ewe, Lilly, that will lamb in the next week.  She is our only ewe that will lamb this fall.  So this weekend we will prepare her jug for lambing.

October will begin our breeding season.  We will be bringing a new blood line in as we will purchase our ram from Travis Ellis of Ellis Sheep Company near Springfield, Missouri.  We are excited to travel over to see Travis and his family and visit his operation.

As fall settles in, we will enjoy all the colors of fall that Kentucky puts on display!  We know that winter will be approaching.  Our ram will be with the ewes for a few months.

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