HIstory of Alcorn Farms

We started with St. Croix sheep in 2019 with a small flock of 4 ewes, 1 ram, and 1 wether. Today, we have roughly 20 rams, 40 ewes, and the same old wether, Bo. We still have our four original ewes and they have allowed our numbers to grow!

We start breeding season in October every year which allows us to begin lambing season in late February through March. Lambing season is extremely busy as we will watch and work with over 20 ewes through their lambing process. We wean all the lambs together when the youngest lambs reach 90 days of age. It’s a tough day for both mama ewes and the lambs. The ram lambs go to one pasture, the ewe lambs to yet another pasture, and the adult ewes to yet another pasture to begin drying up their milk supply. Yes, three pastures with everyone missing their mamas and with any luck, everyone becomes content after the first night!

Following weaning, our focus is on raising a final product that speaks well for St. Croix Hair Sheep.

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