Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get my farm listed on the breeder’s map?

Your farm will be listed on the map automatically when your membership is approved by the registrar, but only if you have authorized us to list your details. There is nothing extra you have to do.

How do I get an ad listed in the classifieds?

The classifields ads sections is controlled by you! You need to click on the Place Ad link on the Buy/Sell page and you will be given instructions on how to setup an ad. If you are uncomfortable with the process or do not have your login details, you can contact us using the contact page to have us setup an ad for you. Ads will remain for 60 days before you will be notified of there pending removal. You will be sent an email to renew if desired. If you asked us to setup the ad for you, you will have to ask us to renew it for you if you do not wish to take care of it yourself.

What is my login account user name and password?

Your user name will be the first four letters of your last name followed by your membership number. Your initial password will be the same as your user name (which will never be shown on the website). You may change this password by logging in to your account using the Login link and then clicking the Password link.

What if I don’t have an email address on file?

Every account on the system must have an email address associated with it. If you do not inform the registrar of your email address you may miss out on important communications or have limited features available on line. We will assign a ‘dummy’ email address to your account if you do not let us know what your actual address is. You can update this by letting the registrar know.

What happens to my online account if my membership expires?

If your membership expires then your online access will be automatically placed on hold. Any ads you have will remain, but cannot be renewed, and your listing in the member list will be removed. Once you renew your membership your online access and listing will be restored.