Highest Parasite Resistance

Comparison studies performed by agricultural researchers demonstrate that St. Croix sheep seem to have the ability to resist parasite life cycles.

No Shearing

St. Croix grow undercoats during the winter in most areas of the USA and naturally shed them by summer with no need to shear.

Heat and Cold Tolerant

St. Croix sheep can be found in most areas of the United States from Washington State and Oregon through the central US, south through Texas and Florida and as far east as Virginia. The St Croix Hair Sheep International Association shows demographics of all members.

High Lambing Percentages

Good Mothers

St. Croix ewes are attentive mothers. Mothers quickly bond with their lambs.

Early Puberty

Ram lambs reach puberty shortly after 3 months of age. Ewe lambs have their first estrus cycle at 7 – 8 months.

Lambing at 12 months of Age

High Lamb Survivability

Good Flocking Instincts

Good Milking Ability

Ewes exhibit well formed udders and bags. Quantities of milk are sufficient to raise triplets and quad lambs.

Hoof Rot Resistant

St. Croix have good strong hooves helping them be resistant to hoof rot unless introduced to heavily infested areas. Resistant to hoof rot even in damp areas.

Fly Strike Resistant

Because of their ability to shed their hair, they are fly strike resistant and do not require tail docking as wool sheep do.

Non-Selective Grazers

Both Sexes Polled

Both rams and ewes do not exhibit horns.

Great Temperament

Fine Grained / Low Fat Meat

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