Note from The Swan Ranch

Though the St Croix breed of hair sheep is known for its ease of maintenance, there are certain basic requirements for good results. They are resistant to some internal parasites, but not to lungworm or liver fluke, and so should be wormed at intervals according to needs. They shed on their own, but you can use a stripping comb or shedding blade or pluck the winter coat to hurry the process. They are hoof rot resistant but in the rare instance they do get it, they react well to treatment and it is not a huge problem. The following topics have been gleaned from our own and other’s experience. We hope they are helpful.

General Appearance

It is of moderate frame size with a long muscle type/pattern and a well-sprung barrel. The coat is white and is shed each year.


Both sexes are naturally polled with no visible scurs. They have an attractive profile with the males exhibiting a “Roman” nose. Ears should be fine textured neither upturned nor drooping, giving the appearance of alertness. The eyes are large and clear. The head should be carried in an upright manner on a long graceful neck.

Top Line

The neck should join smoothly to the shoulder. There may be a dip in the topline immediately after the wither; the back then continuing in a lengthy manner to the point of the hip at which the croup drops at a relatively acute angle to the tail head. This angle is believed to facilitate the ease of lambing common in this breed.

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